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Reinforce Alert DWX

current version: v1.49

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Full pack v1.49 (with LoadFileBugfix) (304Mb)

(Upd 15 Dec 2019)

MD5: BE508D518E20A329B57FB39829F2EF58


50Mb parts for slow connections:

Part #1  Part #2  Part #3

1) You need a CLEAN install of DW with patch 1.04

2) Unpack DWX archive into the game root folder

3) Double click on Install_OPFOR_DWX1_49.bat file

4) Installation will start, just follow the instructions.

5) For Win8/10 read Recommendations in FAQ.


Voice and schedule briefings for

Subcommand Campaign (148Mb)

Unpack in Game folder

(11 Nov 2018)


Русская озвучка российских ПЛ и самолётов:

Russian Voices for RA v1.44+ (26Mb)

(13 Jan 2018)


Руководство по DW на русском языке:

DW User Manual RUS (25Mb)
















Copyright (C) Jaf




LoadFileBugfix for RA v1.49

Unpack in Game folder

(15 Dec 2019)